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When we get that high school diploma, we feel a sense of pure freedom. The oppression inflicted by teachers and parents is over. We’re adults now. Life is sweet! Well, then reality can set in quick. First of all, you have no money. The best way to achieve a constant form of income is to either get a job or go to college. I recommend the latter since it leads to bigger and better things. Sure, a job flipping burgers can be tempting, but do you want to be doing this when you’re 45? When we complete high school, it is always prudent to have a plan ready. If you’re headed to college, hopefully you’ve already applied. You can find some of the top ranked colleges simply by surfing the net.

When I began searching for a University to attend, I wanted to find one of the top ranked colleges in the state. Of course it is great to get that college education under your belt, but you certainly want everyone to recognize your school. Think about it! The words Harvard, or Yale, always resonate in anyone’s mind upon hearing them. These are some of the top ranked colleges in America. Oh, and don’t forget about Princeton and Berkeley. These schools are the epitome of success. Millions of high school graduates vi relentlessly for these top ranked colleges. The funny thing about these prestigious Universities is that many who graduate, magically have a job waiting right upon completion. Businesses and corporations all crave that next big graduate from M.I.T.

Gaining acceptance to the top ranked colleges is no easy feat. It requires hard work and dedication throughout high school. A girl from my graduating class went on to Harvard University, and she not only had a perfect GPA, but much more in the vein of other activities to offer. Сolleges are always looking for a variety of qualities. This is the best way to weed through the most worthy of applicants.

If you are just finishing high school, or are in your senior year, you may want to check out many of different variants. These are all available online. You can easily do a search for any college of your choice via the Internet. This way you will get an idea of cost and competition before actually applying. This is your future 🙂

Katherine Harrison

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